Who are we?


ENERGIE-TERRE is a company registered in the commercial register of Bordeaux (793,345,364 RCS Bordeaux).

(The founders are Marie & Eric DUSSIEUX).

ENERGIE-TERRE, is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

The ingredients within its  supplements come from around the world, as ENERGIE-TERRE is constantly looking for new ingredients (plants and algae) that enable its scientific team to continue developing effective products to constantly improve the lives of everyone.

The ENERGIE-TERRE offices are in Eysines (Gironde) where nutritional supplements are being developed.


ENERGIE-TERRE (subcontract the capsuling) employ a manufacturer located in Saint-Loubès (Gironde).
All ENERGIE-TERRE nutritional supplements are developed and manufactured only in France and are all checked and approved (by the French Authority).


ENERGIE-TERRE works in (Multi-Level Marketing). All  contracts and other documents are established by a law firm in Bordeaux, as ENERGIE-TERRE wants to be transparent with regards to legislation.

(The Multi-Level Marketing allows anyone  to either self-finance his own consumption, obtain additional  or a permanent income.


For any questions, contact the person who introduced you to this site or send a message to the  ENERGIE-TERRE  team as they can put you in touch with the nearest advisor to your home.


"The energy of the Earth for your well-being"

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