ENERGIE-TERRE help the ELA association :

The June 27 of 2015, ENERGIE-TERRE signed a convention with ELA.


Some words about ELA :

The European Association against Leukodystrophies  (ELA), created in 1992, is an association of informated and motivated parents and patients sharing responsabilities in ELA, joining their forces against leukodystrophies

In 1996, The ELA association has been recognized as a public utility association by decree.

Today, the Board is headed by Pascal PRIN, President of ELA-France, Founding member of the association.

The ELA’s missions :

  • Help the families concerned by leukodystrophie
  • Stimulate the development and research, with the ELA foundation created in 2005,
  • Sensitize the public opinion,
  • Develop his action at an international level.

ELA can count on its honorary members :

In its partnership with ELA, ENERGIE-TERRE donate 0.50€ per nutritional supplements and 0.30€ per cosmetics since the July 13 2015 to the June 30 2016.